In an athlete’s life, falls and bumps are part of everyday life. These falls and bumps can result in bruising which can lead to Hip pointer. In Hip pointer, bruising is caused by a direct blow or fall to the top of Pelvis or iliac crest. Usually bruising in Hip pointer is not visible because it is deep down the skin. Athletes involved in sports like football and cycling have more chances of developing Hip pointer. It is a very painful condition which causes walking, sitting, standing, and running difficulties. For reducing the symptoms there are different medications available but there is one natural compound which can help in Hip pointer, that is CBD (Cannabinoid).

Here you will read more about symptoms and treatment options for Hip pointer. You will also know about CBD and its ability to treat Hip pointer.

What are the symptoms of Hip pointer?

CBD For Hip Pointer
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The symptoms of Hip pointer can be seen in tissues rather than bones. The significant swelling and bruising can be seen over the tissue, in severe cases blood vessels are damaged which are present under the skin. You will also feel severe pain, tenderness and limited range of hip motion.

The symptoms of Hip pointer are limited, you can identify it just by pain and limited motion in the hip area. After the symptoms, you will know about CBD and its role in Hip pointer.

CBD (Cannabinoid)

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CBD is a natural compound which is found in the strains of the hemp plant. The interesting thing about CBD is that it is completely non-psychoactive in nature. The CBD chemical compound is rich in different medical properties by which several medical conditions can be treated. CBD has also shown a positive effect on reducing anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and others. After understanding the question comes up how CBD works? So let’s start with understanding this.

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and different receptors. The function of ECS is to maintain health and mood. The main function of CB1 & CB2 is to regulate pain, mood, anxiety, hunger, and energy. When you consume CBD it interacts with these receptors and regulates the level of pain and mood. The anti-suppressor and anti-inflammation property of CBD helps to regulate the pain caused by different medical conditions.

Role of CBD in Hip Pointer

CBD is available in different forms such as Oil, Wax, Tincture, Isolate, and E-Juice. When you are suffering from pain and swelling by Hip Pointer then you can use CBD Pain Management Balm from Thought Cloud. The balm to be applied to the affected area to reduce the symptoms. You can also use CBD oil in your food and beverages to increase the healing process. In some cases, Hip pointer won’t let you sleep then also you can use CBD to improve your sleep because of its sedative nature.

Other treatment options for Hip Pointer

The best thing to do in Hip pointer is avoiding all the physical activities and get complete bed rest. Here are some other treatment options related to Hip Pointer.

Cold Therapy

An Ice pack is very effective to provide immediate relief from Hematoma caused by Hip pointer. Cold Therapy will also give you relief from pain and swelling.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the best way to reduce the stiffness and swelling from the affected area. It will also help in strengthening the muscles.

Complete Bed Rest

Suffering from Hip Pointer? Stop all the physical activities. Avoid stairs and lifting objects.

Effective ways to consume CBD


CBD tincture has a mild composition of alcohol, glycerine, and vegetable oil. You can consume it orally just by dropping a few drops of it under your tongue. You can also use it in your food and beverages as a supplement.


CBD infused edibles are the healthiest way to consume CBD. You can give it to your children without any trouble. Edibles come in a different form such as chocolate, cakes and CBD gummies.


Vaping is the quickest way to get benefit from CBD. CBD E-juice comes in different flavors which you can use according to your mood.

Conclusion On CBD For Hip Pointer

Don’t ignore the symptoms of Hip Pointer else it will take chronic form. If you suffer from a sudden blow or fall to top of Pelvis, then consult a doctor right away.

By reading this article you can get all the essential information related to Hip Pointer and its treatment option and if you have any questions related to this article then feel free to comment in the below section.

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